Tour Italy

Tour Italy

Experience The Culture With Tastes

Dear friends,

We would like to introduce you to our "resident" chef Daniele Baliani who in addition to preparing many of the wonderful wine dinners at Vino Italiano is also an owner/operator of a boutique travel company aptly named; PANTHEON ADVENTURES (Daniele was raised in Rome as a child, just a few steps away from antiquity's most famous structure). Many of you have inquired about more intimate tours of Italy - whether to visit our partner wineries or to experience the history, food and culture without the cookie cutter tour packages. The Italian wine laws establish four "levels" of quality. The basic level is Vino da Tavola, or literally "table wine." This is your everyday drinking wine. If you think of the wine levels as a pyramid, Vino da Tavola would be the ground level of the structure. And, like a pyramid, this level has more wines in it than higher levels.

Daniele's tours of Italy offer just that as they are unique for their limited size (min 6 - max. 8 guests) but also because his tours are entirely designed by…YOU! Daniele will create a tour specifically designed to your tastes, wants and needs and because of it's limited size, you (and your friends) can "book" a tour together and travel as if one family, with Daniele as your guide, companion, translator, and he even drives the bus!

Once you have identified an area of interest and a time of year, Daniele will sit-down with your "group" and prepare an itinerary outlining all the activities, excursions and (most importantly) lodging for your 7-10 day stay in Italy.  Looking to play golf by day while visiting wineries in the afternoon or catch a night at the Opera in MIlan? No problem! Maybe you just want to rent a rustic farmhouse in the Lakes Region of Italy and get away from it all… Whatever your heart desires, Daniele will see to it that your wish is his command.

The best part of Daniele's tour is that he takes care of organizing everything so you don't have to worry about a single thing while in Italy. Your personally crafted tour will include ALL lodging, meals, excursions, site visits, transfers, transportation, even…gelato! All you have to do is book your round trip airfare and the rest is in Daniele's hands.  He will be there waiting for you at your arrival airport and from that moment on, you are on your way to a delightful and stress free time in Italy, where you never have to put your hand in your wallet... unless your are possessed to bring home that gorgeous leather jacket in the window!

Please Call: 617-686-3808 or e-mail Daniele at: